Best Microphone For Live Streaming

Playing video games online and streaming them requires a specific type of microphone. Although video gaming wasn’t as complicated as it is now, the gaming experience has without a doubt improved. Regular microphones are not the same because of the advanced sound system in the video games that have been coming out lately. This is why a microphone used specifically for live streaming is the best gaming mic a gamer should use.

What makes a good microphone for live streaming?

  • Performance

When it comes to sound performance, a microphone should work well no matter the circumstance. With different kinds of noise in the background, regular mics can easily pick up unnecessary sounds such as mouse clicks and electronics static.

  • Flexibility

A microphone should be flexible and has the ability to adjust depending on the user. If the user prefers the microphone to be closer to their mouth, it should be able to adjust to get the right volume and sound that will be transmitted to the other side.

  • Compatibility

Another downside of technology is that there are a variety of ports that only allow certain gadgets to connect. A microphone should be able to connect to almost any console, whether laptop, personal computer, or game console.

With these factors to consider, it will be a little easier to decide which is the best microphone for gaming. According to, a website dedicated to providing reliable product reviews of gaming gears, here are some of the best microphones for gaming:

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Best mic for live streaming on Youtube or Twitch

The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is the best gaming mic in the market because of the quality performance it provides to users. Not only is it great for gaming, it is also perfect for live streaming videos online because of its overall excellent build. As mentioned previously, a microphone should be flexible and compatible. As for its flexibility, it has several recording polarity patterns that include stereo and omnidirectional. Last but definitely not the least, the fact that it is a USB microphone means that it can connect to almost any console that has USB and XLR ports.

This particular product is recognized as the best microphone for gaming because of the additional special features. These include a Tri-Capsule Array that has the ability to record anything, multiple pattern selection, and Plug n’ Play compatibility. These features make this product perfect for recording vocals and musical instruments, conference calls and interviews, voice-over and many more.

As the best microphone for gaming, the Blue Yeti USB Microphone does have the three important factors that make up a good microphone, namely: performance, flexibility, and compatibility. With these features that has been mentioned, one would think that this microphone would be expensive. However, considering the quality of this product, the price range is relatively affordable to other microphones used for gaming. It is perfect not only for gaming purposes, but for live streaming online as well. The Blue Yeti USB Microphone is definitely the best microphone for gaming.